Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy: Volume XXIX: Winter by David Sedley

By David Sedley

Oxford reports in old Philosophy is a quantity of unique articles on all points of historical philosophy. The articles can be of considerable size, and contain serious notices of significant books. OSAP is released two times each year, in either hardback and paperback. This quantity gains essays on Empedocles, Xenophon, and Socrates, with numerous on every one of Plato and Aristotle.

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On it see C. Muller, Die Kurzdialoge der Appendix Platonica [Kurzdialoge] (Munich, • 1975), 129–91. Muller (150–5) is rightly sceptical of previous attempts at source • criticism of Mem. 4. 2. There seems to be a trend towards a¶rming the authenticity of the Alcibiades I, although critics remain (D. Gribble, Alcibiades and Athens: A Study in Literary Presentation [Alcibiades] (Oxford, 1999), 260–2). I treat it as an authentic and relatively early work by Plato in ‘God as the True Self: Plato’s Alcibiades I’ [‘True Self’], Ancient Philosophy, 19 (1999), 1–19; so does J.

In Methods and Problems in Greek Science (Cambridge, 1991), 164–93. Long, A. ’ [‘Thinking’], Classical Quarterly, ns 16 (1966), 256–76. , ‘Philosophy and Medicine: Some Early Interactions’ [‘Philosophy and Medicine’], Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, 67 (1963), 147–75. ‘The “Roots of All Things” ’ [‘Roots’], Isis, 67 (1976), 420–38. Millerd, C. , On the Interpretation of Empedocles [Interpretation] (Chicago, 1908). , Italian Masters in German Galleries, trans. L. M. Richter (London, 1883).

33 hours page 33 Empedocles on Colour and Colour Vision 33 in the daytime, whereas those with less water see better at night (De sens. 8 = A 86):48 [Eyes] are not [all] constructed in like fashion, and others from the opposite things, and some have the fire in the middle, some on the outside. That is why animals have sharper vision in the daytime, others at night—the ones with less fire by day (for their internal light is equalized by the external light), the ones [with less] of the opposite [see better] at night (for they too have their deficiency supplemented).

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