Oracle9i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide by Portfolio T.

By Portfolio T.

Somebody constructing Java functions for Oracle9i will take advantage of interpreting this advisor. Written particularly for programmers, it is going to even be of worth to architects, platforms analysts, undertaking managers, and others drawn to network-centric database functions. to take advantage of this advisor successfully, you want to have a operating wisdom of Java, SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle9i.

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If the JAR or ZIP content has not changed since the last time it was loaded, it is not reloaded; therefore, there is little performance penalty for loading JAR or ZIP files. In fact, loading JAR or ZIP files is the simplest way to use loadjava. Note: Oracle does not reload a class if it has not changed since the last load. However, you can force a class to be reloaded through the loadjava -force option. Loading Java Classes 2-15 Preparing Java Class Methods for Execution How to Grant Execute Rights If you load all classes within your own schema and do not reference any class outside of your schema, you already have execution rights.

Furthermore, JDeveloper can automate the task of writing call specifications. Introduction 1-21 Developing Stored Procedures: An Overview 1-22 Java Stored Procedures Developer’s Guide 2 Loading Java Classes Before you can call Java stored procedures, you must load them into the Oracle database and publish them to SQL. Loading and publishing are separate tasks. Many Java classes, referenced only by other Java classes, are never published. To load Java stored procedures automatically, you use the command-line utility loadjava.

Loadjava -resolve -resolver ’((* SCOTT) (* PUBLIC) ("my/gui/*" -))’ 2-10 Java Stored Procedures Developer’s Guide Preparing Java Class Methods for Execution In addition, you can define that all classes not found are to be ignored. Without the wildcard, if a dependent class is not found within one of the schemas, your class is listed as invalid and cannot be run. However, this is also dangerous, because if there is a dependent class on a used class, you mark a class as valid that can never run without the dependent class.

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