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Static variables are all local to the client. No client can access another client’s static variables, because the memory is not available across session boundaries. Because each client executes its calls within its own session, each client’s activities are separate from any other client. During a call, you can store objects in static fields of different classes, and you can expect this state to be available for your next call. The entire state of your Java program is private to you and exists for your entire session.

Garbage collection imposes a challenge to the JVM developer seeking to supply a highly scalable and fast Java platform. The Oracle9i JVM meets these challenges in the following ways: ■ ■ ■ The Oracle9i JVM uses the Oracle9i scheduling facilities, which can manage multiple users efficiently. Garbage collection is performs consistently for multiple users because garbage collection is focused on a single user within a single session. The Oracle9i JVM enjoys a huge advantage because the burden and complexity of the memory manager’s job does not increase as the number of users increases.

Unlike a conventional Java virtual machine, which compiles and loads from files, the Oracle9i Java virtual machine compiles and loads from database schema objects. ser SQLJ profile files, or data files correspond to Java resource schema objects You must load all classes or resources into the database to be used by other classes within the database. In addition, at loadtime, you define who can execute your classes within the database. java source files 1. It creates a source schema object within the definer’s schema unless another schema is specified.

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