Open The Box: About Television (Creative History from East by Jane Root

By Jane Root

Tv audience are usually labelled as addicts or zombies who avidly lap up a regular nutrition of cleaning soap operas and quiz exhibits. This seriously illustrated publication breaks down those stereotypes.

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That The time of the day we appear is a very busy time of day for a great many people…who are only just arriving home, saying hello to the children, preparing meals, feeding babies. The format of Nationwide is such that you can pause for a minute or two to watch an item that interests you or catches the attention, and then return to what you are doing. Ours is not necessarily a time of day when people are ready to sit and give their undivided attention to an in-depth conversation on the economic state of the nation… The magazine style is unbeatable at that time of the evening’.

For the committed viewer, part of the enjoyment is the assimilation of the fictional world into everyday life. As the merchandising departments are beginning to realise, there is a A meeting of some of television’s most renowed families: the Queen visits Coronation Street. Part of the furniture 44 special pleasure in letting the ephemera of other communities spill into our sitting rooms. The conversations of the serial become the subjects of real-life conversations, to which star stories from the tabloids add another dimension.

If a new programme is to be neatly hammocked between Crossroads and Coronation Street it cannot be anything other than a perfect 26 minutes long: the ‘ITV half-hour’ which, with advertisments, fills the gap between the programmes. 00 news create problems for the schedule and are penalised by this system. Increasingly, some writers have argued, the tendency is to contract or expand planned programmes into an hour or half-hour slot, regardless of whether that is actually the best length for the subject.

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