On Aristophanes, Plato, and Sokrates by Allan Bloom

By Allan Bloom

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For tions also are among things which are infinite every art has a false proof peculiar to it, geometry a geometrical proof and medicine a medical proof. ' need not grasp the commonplaces of all refutations ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ' ' ' 51 A [Note (y). ] . ARISTOTLE 170 a napa rovs tottovs' ovtol yap KOLvoL TTpos o-Traaav rexvqv /cat BwafiLV. Kai Tov pbkv Kad^ eKdarrjv €7Ti,arrjjjirjv eXeyx^ov rod einrrjv ScaXeKTiKrjv XrjTrreov OTT^p^ovos iaTL deojpelv, etre eari, 8ia rl eari' rov 8' rwv 40 pLrjhepbiav rixvrjv pbr^ e/c wv (^atVerat ei t reov koivcov /cat vtto StaAe/crt/ccor.

Elaiv. , €)(op,€v he, Trap (f)aLVOfji€vovs, cf)aivop,€vovs TOtotaSe* aopLora ydp iariv, idv OTToaa roZs rv^ovatv (jyaivovrai /cat rovs Se ovx otwovv dXXd rot? rts" gkottt] a>are . Trap cf>avep6v OTL rov SiaXeKriKov iarl ro Svvaadai Xa^elv rrap daa ycverai. Sta rcov KOLvaJv 10 puevos eXeyxos, StaAe/CTt/co? 16 t) /cat rj fj d)V eXey^os StaAe/crt/co? r) TreipaarLKOS X. OvK ear I 8e hia

6 Tt? yLvojoKeL, TovTo yLvd>aK€L ; OKovTa Kal TO yLvwoKopLevov ivSex^Tai OKOVTa ^ crqp^rjvaL Deleting rj tovtw to) Adyoi. /cat a»? yLvco- dpa o opa KaO-qnevos after KayLvutv with Wallies. e. ' 18 Kal dp* Kal yap tov yivu)- can write or spell. e. ' ON SOPHISTICAL REFUTATIONS, iv which we can fail to indicate the same thing by the same terms or expressions. Arguments such as the (D Equivocation, 11 T-i J lollowing are Ibased on equivocation Ihose who know, learn for it is those who know the use of r- • .

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