Old World Monkeys by Paul F. Whitehead, Clifford J. Jolly

By Paul F. Whitehead, Clifford J. Jolly

Previous international monkeys (Cercopithecoidea) are the main winning and various team of dwelling nonhuman primates by way of the variety of species, behavioral repertoires, and ecology. between our closest dwelling kinfolk, they've got a lot to coach us in regards to the tactics of evolution and the rules of ecology. This quantity offers a extensive, technical account of cercopithecoid biology together with molecular, behavioral, and morphological methods to phylogeny, inhabitants constitution, allometry, fossil background, useful morphology, ecology, cognitive services, social habit, and conservation. it will likely be the definitive reference in this workforce for researchers, graduate scholars and complex undergraduates in primatology, animal habit, paleontology, morphology, systematics, and actual anthropology.

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