Offshore Oil Drilling by Nick Hunter

By Nick Hunter

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S e v i t a Altern Although there are many reasons why deep-sea drilling is desirable for countries that do not want to rely on imported oil, we have seen that there are many drawbacks and issues with the search for oil reserves beneath the ocean floor. Can we keep the lifestyle we are used to, while reducing our reliance on oil? We can reduce our reliance on oil by reducing its use in cars, plastics, and all the other places we use it. Around half of the oil we use is made into petrol for cars.

Drivers have to pay more for the fuel that goes into cars and lorries. It increases the cost of transporting and delivering goods to shops and customers so prices of many goods and services rise. Political instability Countries that import a lot of oil from the Middle East are also concerned about political instability in the region. Iran has the world’s second largest oil reserves. The country also has a government that is unfriendly to many Western countries. Western governments including the United States and the United Kingdom accuse Iran of helping terrorists and other conflicts across the Middle East.

Hydro-electricity relies on the energy created by water flowing downhill, or wave and tidal forces. Geothermal energy uses the heat below Earth’s surface to generate power. Other sources of energy include the wind and solar energy. These energy sources are totally renewable but huge areas would have to be covered with wind turbines or solar panels to make up for the energy we get from oil. Compared to oil, these sources of energy provide a very small amount of the energy we currently use. Many oil companies have also looked at alternatives to oil.

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