Nuclear Energy by Johannah Haney

By Johannah Haney

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Waste rock, as the leftover rock is known, also contains trace amounts of radioactive elements. S. government does not consider this rock to be radioactive waste, so there are no regulations or safety requirements for its disposal. Often waste rock is stored in DID YOU KNOW? piles on or near the site of the The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act was passed in 1990 in order to compensate uranium mine workers, mill workers, ore transporters, and others exposed to nuclear testing during the Cold War.

Proponents of nuclear energy often compare the environmental impact of nuclear energy with that of power plants that burn fossil fuel. The United States gets a little more than 70 percent of its electricity from coal and natural gas. Coal energy is produced by burning coal to heat water, a process that creates steam. The steam turns a turbine, and electricity is generated. Burning coal to produce the steam, however, is a dirty process; it produces emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury compounds.

Recycle as much as you can. If recycling is not offered in your community, think of creative ways to raise awareness, such as displaying art projects made out of recyclable materials. • Call your energy provider and ask about energy efficiency. Many companies have programs and free offers that help consumers become more aware and use energy more efficiently. • Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Every little bit helps. NUCLEAR ENERGY Recycling is something everyone can do to help preserve the earth’s resources and live greener lives.

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