New Perspectives on 2 Enoch: No Longer Slavonic Only by Andrei Orlov, Gabriele Boccaccini, Jason Zurawski

By Andrei Orlov, Gabriele Boccaccini, Jason Zurawski

New views on 2 Enoch: not Slavonic Only offers a suite of papers from the 5th convention of the Enoch Seminar. The convention re-examines 2 Enoch, an early Jewish apocalyptic textual content formerly identified to students in basic terms in its Slavonic translation, in mild of lately pointed out Coptic fragments. This technique is helping to increase the knowledge of many key problems with this enigmatic and not more explored Enochic textual content. one of many very important methodological classes of the present quantity lies within the acceptance that the Adamic and Melchizedek traditions, the mediatorial currents which play a major function within the apocalypse, are imperative for figuring out the symbolic universe of the textual content. the quantity additionally comprises the lately pointed out Coptic fragments of two Enoch, brought to students for the 1st time through the convention.

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Once again, it hardly needs to be said, the additions of the long recension (eternal punishment for even small sins) are absent also here. ,” which however does not have a parallel in the Slavonic manuscripts. The letters here interpreted as part of “And” could also be the perfect tense and subject part of the passive construction “They took me” (meaning: “I was taken”) which otherwise would be all lost. ” The description of what Enoch saw here is much damaged, but again, the text lost in the lacunae can be restored using the parallel text of the Slavonic short recension.

38. ), and no mention of his return was necessary, especially as the topic continues to be Enoch’s vision of the Lord and His words. The same argument can be used to explain the absence of the transition chapter after chap. 37, which in these Coptic fragments, as in the Slavonic short recension, follows chap. 39 (see below). Fr. 1, Verso 39:2–7 Unfortunately, most of this much-debated passage, in which the situation of Enoch speaking to his children is compared to the situation of the Lord speaking to Enoch, is lost in the Coptic fragments, but it is clear that mention is indeed made of various body parts of the Lord: “[the face] of the Lord” in v.

In the fragments, there is no place for the Slavonic longer recension’s added comparisons after its variant “the fear of the Lord” at the end of v. 1, nor for its extra sentence in v. 2, which interprets what happened in v. 1 as necessary preparation for Enoch’s temporary return to humanity, let alone for a parallel of the transition chapter 38, placed between chaps. 37 and 39 in the long recension. 40:1 With this verse begins the main part of Enoch’s long speech, in which he informs his children about the knowledge he has gained in heaven, partly by hearing about it from the Lord and partly by seeing it for himself.

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