Mountain Tasting : Zen Haiku by Santoka Taneda by Santoka Taneda, John Stevens

By Santoka Taneda, John Stevens

The poet Santoka (1882-1940) endured the culture of the good Zen eccentrics into the 20th century. he's fashionable in Japan for his free-style haiku and pursuit of a natural Zen lifestyles. His existence parallels these of the sooner Zen poets, Ryokan and Ikkyu, a lifetime of simplicity and honesty, unfastened from fabric possessions, set recommendations and social conventions. MOUNTAIN TASTING bargains a consultant choice of over 370 of Santoka's haiku to the Western reader for the 1st time. Santoka's unadorned sort and profound Zen spirit shine without delay via John Stevens's clean, transparent translations, followed by means of the romanized eastern originals.

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Totally absorbed in the words, he forgot about the old woman, his sickness, and the offering. After finishing forty minutes later, he felt completely recovered from his fever. -18- Another time in freezing weather he drank a great deal of sak� to keep warm and suddenly became violently ill, suffering from liver trouble. He was taken to a hospital and placed on a strict regimen of bitter medicine and no sak�. Santoka did not care for that, so he escaped from the hospital, went to the nearest shop, drank two cups of sak�, ate some yudofu (boiled soybean cake), and was restored.

The cottage was rather dilapidated yet spacious, with three rooms, a well, and a tiny field surrounded by many fruit trees. He posted this sign: ____________________ * This verse refers to one member of a large group telling the others to call on the name of Kanzeon Bosatsu, the goddess of compassion; then all will be saved from calamities. -14- --If you bring your favorite sweet or sour food with you --And dance and sing unreservedly with the gentleness of the spring wind and autumn streams --Without putting on airs or being downhearted, all will share great happiness.

88 Shigururu ya hito no nasake ni namidagumu. 89 Netai dake neta karada yu ni nobasu. 90 Doko ni mo mizu ga nai kareta ase shite hataraku. 91 Azami azayaka na asa no ame agari. The assonance and beauty of this poem in Japanese is impossible to reproduce in English. 92 Kokoro shizuka ni yama no okifushi. -55- 93 I received them And they served my needs; I put down my chopsticks. 94 All day I said nothing-- The sound of waves. 95 (In this neighborhood) Chanting the sutras Cannot drown out the jazz music.

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