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Introduction to California Chaparral (California Natural History Guides, Volume 90)

The attribute glance of California Chaparral—a delicate bluish-green blanket of crops lightly masking the hills—is identified to thousands who've noticeable it because the backdrop in video clips and tv productions. This advanced ecological neighborhood of crops and animals is not only a function of the hills round Hollywood, yet is a fundamental a part of the whole California panorama.

A Grain of Sand: Nature's Secret Wonder

This is the realm considered inside of a grain of sand, because of the beautiful third-dimensional microphotography of Dr. Gary Greenberg. to a couple, all sand appears to be like alike--countless grains in an unlimited expanse of seashore. glance closer--much closer--and your view of sand isn't a similar. utilizing the wonderful microphotographic options that he constructed, Greenberg invitations readers to find the unusual and lovely global that every grain of sand comprises.

The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea (Scientists in the Field Series)

It feels like a undergo, yet isn’t one. It climbs bushes as simply as a monkey— yet isn’t a monkey, both. It has a abdominal pocket like a kangaroo, yet what’s a kangaroo doing up a tree? Meet the fantastic Matschie’s tree kangaroo, who makes its domestic within the historic bushes of Papua New Guinea’s cloud wooded area.

Birds of the Rocky Mountains

Falcon Pocket consultant: Birds of the Rocky Mountains is a box consultant to greater than 250 of the most typical and sought-after poultry species within the zone. Anatomically right illustrations and designated descriptions approximately every one bird's famous actual attributes and common habitat make it effortless to spot birds on your yard, favourite parks, and natural world parts.

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They tinkered with equipment. They refined their techniques. Working in teams of two—a driver and a rider—they figured out how to rescue each other in behemoth surf. As the stakes got higher and the margin for error got slimmer, a kind of natural selection occurred. Riders who’d glimpsed their own mortality a little too closely drifted to the sidelines. At the other end of that spectrum was Hamilton. Watching him, you got the feeling that no wave was out of reach. The more intimidating the conditions, the more he seemed to thrive in them.

Any surfer who fell at Jaws wasn’t getting out of there alone. There was a brief window, maybe a fifteen-second interval between waves, in which a driver had to sight his partner’s head in the churning foam, dart in on the Jet Ski, grab him, and get out before the next wave came hurtling down. ) It soon became clear that not everyone was up to the task. People froze on the sidelines, or pretended to be very busy elsewhere while their partners floundered in the impact zone. “There were the guys who would come get you and the guys who wouldn’t come get you,” Hamilton said.

Unpleasant, perhaps, but not especially dramatic—until three o’clock in the afternoon, when an eighty-five-foot wave came careening over the horizon and walloped the rig at forty-five miles per hour. While the Draupner sustained only moderate damage, the proof was there. This wasn’t a case of laser malfunction or too many aquavit toasts the night before. It was the first confirmed measurement of a freak wave, more than twice as tall and steep as its neighbors, a teetering maniac ripping across the North Sea.

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