Miss Lonelyhearts & the Day of the Locust by PH. D. Mordecai Marcus

By PH. D. Mordecai Marcus

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Although he is willing to make the effort to analyze Homer's abnormality, he walks out at the slightest excuse. And Tod tiptoes out when he leaves because he really doesn't want Homer to wake up and require attention. He has been friendly to Homer mostly because it helped him stay close to Faye, and now Faye has disappeared. Chapter 26 Try as he may, Tod cannot forget about Faye. From his sneaky retreat from the emotionally crushed Homer, Tod moves to a sneaking renewal of his pursuit of Faye. He goes back to the saddlery store pretending to seek word about Earle, but actually looking for Faye.

West portrays a vicious circle in which a society exploits the worst in human nature. His method expresses anger against both corrupt human nature and false cultural codes. The parallels between Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust are the artificiality of Hollywood's denizens and the lies that the film world purveys. Here, however, the chief victims and agents of destruction remain faceless. The novel's main characters are caught in this situation, but some of them escape; others have brought their suffering on themselves, and others are so pathetic that the nature of their victimization remains obscure.

Discuss Faye Greener's sexual behavior (including the problem of her virginity) as it relates to her character and ambitions. 5. Compare the rivalry between Earle Shoop and Miguel to that between Tod and Homer. 6. Discuss the symbolic use of the cockfight as it relates to the novel. 7. Compare and contrast Homer Simpson's sexual behavior and that of the people in the mob scene. 8. Do the Hollywood religious and health cults reveal the same kinds of needs acted out by the main characters? 9. Trace out the pattern and motivation for Faye's teasing of the men.

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