Mine health and safety management by Michael Karmis

By Michael Karmis


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2. Know the worst that can happen and the risk of it happening. 3. Have formal controls over those factors you can’t afford to have go wrong. 4. Don’t expect people to do the right things unless they know they are. 5. Don’t expect people to do the right things unless they have the right resources. 6. Don’t expect people to do the right things if there are conflicts of interest. 7. You will never know how well or how poorly things are working unless you check carefully. Make clear that you want to hear the bad news as well as the good news.

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The research also notes a positive correlation between health and safety performance and productivity. In other words, safe and healthy mines are productive mines (Gaertner et al. 1987). © 2001 by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration. All rights reserved. Electronic edition published 2009. 24 Effective Health and Safety Management Systems Still other research suggests a relationship between health and safety management and organizational characteristics and practices. Sanders, Paterson, and Peay, working with the National Academy of Science (NAS), identified specific management practices that contributed to decreased injury rates, including:  High employee morale  Decentralized decision making  Innovative and flexible management relative to the introduction of new procedures and initiatives (Sanders et al.

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