Matsushima mycological memoirs (part 1) by Matsushima T.

By Matsushima T.

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0006 Acumispora phragmospora sp. nov. [ Hyphomycetes pertinet. ] Descr In V8JA - Coloniae plus minusve tarde crescentes, fuligineae, margine restricta. 3 µm latis, hyalinis ad modice brunneis, laevibus ad verrucatis compositum. 5 µm lati, pallide brunnei, apice angustati conidia solitaria ferentia, interdum per proliferationes conidia addita formantes. Conidia cylindro-fusiformia, apice acuminata, basi minute conico-truncata, pallide brunnea utrinque subhyalina, (1-)3-6-septata, (16-) 20-35 x 4-5 (-9) µm.

Scholten var. crassum ( Wollenweber ) Booth, 1966, Mycol. , 104 : 37-39. Hab From rhizosphere soil of Cunninghamia lanceolata ; Tungshih, Taiwan ; 19. iv. 1977 ; MFC7547. 5-4 µm in diam. to up to 6 µm long, non or slightly apiculate at the base. , 1966, Mycol. , 104 : 37-39. => Cylindrocarpon destructans var. 5-10 µm, 3-septate ones 33-50 x 8-11 µm. 0068 Cylindrocarpon tenue M. F. Bugnicourt, 1939, Encyclop. , 11 : 175-178. Gliocladiopsis sagariensis S. B. Saksena, 1954, Mycologia, 46 : 660-666.

0064 Curvularia senegarensis ( Speg. ) C. V. Subramanian, 1956, J. Indian bot. , 35 : 466-467. Curvularlia falcata ( Tehon ) K. B. Boedijn, 1933, Bull. Jard. bot. , III, 13 : 130. => As C. "flacata". Hab From soil ; Penghutao, Taiwan ; 13. xii. 1978 ; MFC-9959. ** From soil ; Liuchiu, Taiwan ; 14. xii. 1978 ; MFC-9960. Descr MFC-9959 on CMA - Conidia 21-30 x 9-14 µm. Ref Saccardo, P. , 1931, Syll. , 25 : 835. => Brachysporium senegalense Speg. : conidia 22-28 x 10-12 µm. ** Subramanian, C. , 1956, J.

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