Mathematical Theory of Elastic and Elasto-Plastic Bodies: An by Jindřich Nečas and Ivan Hlaváček (Eds.)

By Jindřich Nečas and Ivan Hlaváček (Eds.)

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Many senior officers blamed the general staff as directly responsible for the loss to Prussia. 1 Two former heads of the general staff, Ludwig von Benedek and Alfred von Henickstein, had left the service in disgrace, escaping court-martial only because of the emperor's mercy. Brigadier General Gideon von Krismanich, the former Kriegsschule instructor who had educated large numbers of general staff officers, suffered a similar fate. In the immediate aftermath of defeat, the general staff had only one persistent proponent: Friedrich Beck.

He graduated fourth in his class in the fall of 1854, was promoted to captain, second class and received permanent assignment to the general quartermaster staff. Beck's first appointment as a general staff captain was as a divisional chief of staff in Graz. He joined this command just when another great international crisis in the Balkans threatened the European peace. , the eastern portions of modern-day Romania). While the monarchy did not side against Russia in the ensuing Crimean War, its actions infuriated the Tsarist government, which naturally felt betrayed by the Habsburgs whose rule they had helped restore with blood and money only five years before.

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