Making Use of PHP by Ashok Appu

By Ashok Appu

After studying the sparkling experiences, I had nice expectancies for this e-book. it has been really a letdown.

I'm midway via it now and doubtless will set it apart and search for another.

The first significant annoyance was once searching for the spouse website... looking the publisher's web site used to be a waste of time because it supplied no info except an choice to buy the e-book. eventually unintentionally I occurred to note the proper internet tackle indexed in important points at the backside of the again cover.

Next i have needed to cope with typos and incorrect information; seen ones resembling the record of "What's at the CD-ROM, Disk, and site" (there isn't any CD-ROM or disk with this book). In a "Write the Code" instance, i discovered "@@@COMP: holiday line as shown.@@@" jumbled together with the coding...could be complicated if somebody did not detect that snippet used to be meant for the book's paginator. And there are mistakes within the coding examples, reminiscent of occurrences of "=" rather than the right kind "==" operator. Thank goodness for Hypertext Preprocessor boards and the beneficiant humans there who helped me detect why the code wasn't operating as anticipated. so far as i will ascertain, there isn't any errata web page to be had for this publication at the Wiley site, which to me is inexcusable. this is often the 1st booklet i have ever received from Wiley desktop Publishing, and that i can now say with walk in the park that it'll be my last.

The ebook is prepared primarily with first declaring an issue for the fictional Mega song Mart improvement group, then offering web page after web page of studying fabric ahead of displaying the code to resolve the matter. I consistently need to return to the start of the bankruptcy to refresh my reminiscence of what the ambitions of the advance group are in order that i do know what they try to accomplish of their code. A photo of what the finished code appears like in an online web page appears to be like after the code. i might desire have the explanatory fabric first (for instance, what capabilities and variables are), then be awarded with the duty for the improvement workforce, instantly via an instance of what the outcome is, then the code. i must do loads of pointless web page flipping the best way it is laid out now.

The ultimate straw is the shortcoming of commenting within the code, which might be an incredible assist in figuring out the "what" and "why" of the coding. within the "Write the Code" component of the bankruptcy on sessions, there are nearly 4 pages of coding, but now not one little bit of commenting. abnormal coming from an writer who states on p. 38 that "Comments are an essential component of any program...The reviews of 1 developer support the others comprehend the good judgment of the code..." convinced, reviews definitely could have helped me comprehend the author's good judgment and aided the educational approach.

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My fourth booklet. It explains a few themes essentially and selections up on info in equipment and nomenclature that have been disregarded of the others, making them complicated. The textual content, itself, is comparatively transparent, and there are solid indexes and lists.
Still, the writer makes assumptions of the reader's familiarity with coding, leaves the occasional logical stretch to be found out. The examples aren't super person pleasant. it's thorough, might be an excessive amount of for a primary examine personal home page.

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Welcome to Mega Music Mart. The best online music store. Executing PHP from the Command Prompt PHP code can be executed in a browser as well as from the command prompt. You might want to check your PHP code before embedding it in HTML. The command prompt is useful in such situations. A developer can quickly check whether the code is working or not from it. However, HTML tags are not recognized on the command prompt. The steps for executing PHP code from the command prompt are as follows: 1. php.

TE In this chapter, you learned about Internet basics. Next, you were introduced to the terminology that is used in connection with the Internet. Finally, you learned about client- and server-side scripting languages. 9 CHAPTER 2 Basics of PHP OBJECTIVES: In this lesson, you will learn to: ߜ Define PHP ߜ Discuss the history and evolution of PHP ߜ Discuss the generic features of PHP ߜ Identify the new features in PHP 4 ߜ Install and configure PHP on a Linux platform ߜ Install and configure PHP on a Windows platform ߜ Recall the basics of HTML ߜ Write the first PHP code ߜ Embed PHP code in HTML ߜ Parse PHP code ߜ Execute PHP code from the command prompt ߜ Escape PHP code ߜ Comment PHP code 11 12 Chapter 2 Getting Started Since the advent of the Internet, developers have been working toward improving the functionality offered by their Web sites.

H1. Contains that part of the text within the HTML document that needs to appear as Heading 1 on a Web page. P. Defines a paragraph. TABLE. TD. Defines a table that consists of data represented in rows and columns. Specifies the data that will be present in a cell. TR. Specifies TD and TH elements. CENTER. Indicates that the text should be centrally aligned. B. Used to make the text bold. html. Basics of PHP The preceding code also consists of attributes that are used with elements. The attributes are: ■■ The COLOR attribute is used with the FONT element to specify that the Heading 1 should appear in blue.

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