Make Money Work For YouInstead of You Working for It: by William Thomason

By William Thomason

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To find out if a fund is right for you, read its prospectus, which can be found on the Web site of your online brokerage, on the Web site of the fund company, or through request from your broker or the fund company itself. Look at the quality and experience of the managers of the fund, their investment philosophy, and the list of the top stocks held in their fund (all of these are required to be reported in the prospectus). Also, look at the fee structure of the fund. An average management fee shouldn’t exceed a few percent a year.

If their peers are positive, they may be as well. • If the prevailing winds are positive, it can be extra risky to be negative. So even if you’re wrong, it can be safer to stick with the popular opinions. ) • Being negative on a stock can lead to the company cutting off communications with the analyst, which can harm further analysis. So what do you do now? ” In other words, ignore the ratings, but consider the information. And thanks to recent reforms and scandal settlements, there is more analyst research on stocks available than ever, much of it free from your brokerage.

Likewise, if you don’t understand the Internet, don’t bother ordering the annual report of an Internet stock. Straying from the circle of competence leads a would-be investor into the land of speculation. WHO IS . . WARREN BUFFETT Warren Buffett is probably the most successful (and famous) investor of all time. Based solely on his investment acumen, on any given day, Buffett is either the richest man in America or one of the richest men in America. From 1957 to 2001, Buffett achieved an average annual return of more than 25 percent per year on his stock investments.

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