Line & form by Walter Crane

By Walter Crane

Линия и форма. Практическое руководство для дизайнера.

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Line, at the point of the pencil, pen, or brush, places this possibility of but before we can definition within our reach ; ; it we need some knowledge, however grasp mentary, of rudi- inseparable companion, Form. I recall two innocent and entertaining methods from the traditions of the nursery, which appeal at once in a curious way to both the oral and graphic These senses, and unite story and picture in one. child such devices a are illustrated on p. 28. By learns to associate line and form, unconsciously and step by step defining form in the use of, or pursuit its of, line.

The Ornamental Purpose. ) Our use of line will largely depend upon which our object to pursue. Now when we look at anything with intent to draw say a we see leafy bough as it grows in the sunshine and of form surface-lighting. great complexity The leaves, perhaps, take all manner of variaof these two it is tions of the typical form, and are set at all sorts of angles. In making a rapid sketch with the object of getting the appearance of the bough, we naturally dw ell upon these accidents and superAt the same time, with nothing but ficial facts.

See the diagrams on p. ) PCH U line j_nch. 2. ron SCALE OF VARIOUS DEGREES OF LINEAR WEIGHT AND EMPHASIS. Every selective artist, sooner or later, by means of his method in the adaptive sense, finds a 25 SCALE OF DEGREES IN LINE own personality to suit his individual aim in artistic expression and in course of time it becomes a characteristic manner, use of line to suit his own CURVILINEAR AND RECTANGULAR SCALES OF DIRECTION. by which his work is instantly known, like a friend's handwriting. Now what determines this choice, this personal selection, over and above necessities of method and material, it would be difficult to say, unless 26 RELATION OF LINE TO FORM we had more minute knowledge of the natural history of a human being than we are likely to We can only say that from practice are evolved certain methods or principles, consciously possess.

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