Letters of Gregory Akindynos (Dumbarton Oaks Texts) (v. 7) by Gregory Akindynos, Angela Constantinides Hero

By Gregory Akindynos, Angela Constantinides Hero

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213'-214' is addressed to Matthew Kantakouzenos in the Peloponnese and attests to his close association with the anti-Palamite John Kyparissiotes. See my edition and translation, "An Unknown Letter to Matthew Kantakouzenos, " in Okeanos (Festschrift Thor Sevcenko), Har­ vard. Ukrainian Studies, 7 (1983). The two homilies in the name of an anonymous metropolitan on fols. 222'229' (AoyoS" 7TapatVBTtKoS" BlS" 'TovS" B�BA(JoV'TaS" /-LB'Ta 'TWV ayiwv BlKOVWV wS" BK 7Tpoerw7Tov TOV /-L'YJ'TP07TOAi'Tov; the second homily has no superscription) are not addressed to a besieged populace, as suggested by V Laurent ("La direction spir­ ituelle a Byzance, " 51 note 4), but to the inhabitants of a city suffering from the effects of severe drought who had gone out in procession to pray for rain.

Compare: Wf) oe Kat aAAof) Kat f,LaAa aAAof) E7Tr,AOev a7TO TOV Oeiov "OpOVf) f,L7]VVOVTef) OVX OTt f,LOVOV TOLf) iepoLf) AaVptWTatf) EvapiOf,Ltof) ei, aAA'oTt Kai ... Mn: Wf) OE ... f,L7]VVOVTef) TOLf) iepoLf) AaVptWTatf) EvapiOf,Ltof) ei, aAA'oTt Kai .. M (lines 24-27); el OE TOVTWV a7TOaTaf) ... Ta 7TaTpta oO'Yf,LaTa 7Tpea{3eVetv r,OBA7]ae, f,LaAa OappiiJv a7Tocpaivof,Lat Wf) ovoeif) av a7TavTwv ecp07] ... Ef,Le elf) cptAiav Kai Oepa7Teiav EKeiVOV Mn: ovoe TOVTWV a7TOaTaf) Ta 7TaTpta oOYf,LaTa 7Tpea{3eVetv E7Tiweae, f,LaAa OappiiJv a7To­ cpaivof,Lat Wf) M (lines 56-58).

La redaction premiere": J. S. Nadal, "La redaction premiere de la Troisieme lettre de Palamas a Akindynos," O C P , 40 (1974), 233-85 O CA: Orientalia Christiana Analecta O C P : Orientalia Christiana Periodica Palamas, Διάλεξις: Gregory Palamas, Διάλεξιι;; ορθοδόξου μετά Βαρλααμίτου, ed. G. Mantzarides, ΣυΎΎράμματα, 11, 164-218 ΣυΎΎράμματα: G. Palamas, ΛόΎΟΙ 'Α7Τοδεικτικοί, 'Αντε7ΤΙΎραφαί, Έ7Τισ­ τολαί 7Τρος Βαρλαάμ καί 'Ακίνδυνον, Ύ7Τερ Ήσvxαζόντων, eds. Β. Bobrin­ sky, Ρ. Papaevangelou, J. Meyendorff, Ρ.

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