Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero by Geoffrey Wood

By Geoffrey Wood

Has he long past loopy? Had too many espressos?
Or is he particularly a new large hero?

What if one day-suddenly, inexplicably-you detect you might have a superpower? And what if it's now not an outstanding superpower, both, like flying or large power, and you have got no inspiration what you're speculated to do?

Leaper follows the confessions of reluctant hero James, a lately divorced, life-long barista who reveals himself in exactly this type of obstacle and asking these very questions. Is his newfound jumping energy a miracle from God? the results of a life of over-caffeination? Or a last holiday from sanity? should still James “do good” along with his skill? but when doing reliable proves trickier than anticipated, the place do you opt for a superpower guide? and what's “good” anyway?

In this witty, unconventional novel, debut novelist Geoffrey wooden serves up equivalent doses of sharp humor and disquieting poignancy, exploring the that means of redemption, attractiveness, and religion past all cause.

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