Langford's Starting Photography: The Guide to Great Images by Philip Andrews, Michael Langford,

By Philip Andrews, Michael Langford,

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Lens hood. A much underrated accessory, the lens hood not only shades the lens from flare created by strong back or side light on your subject, but it also helps protect it from knocks. For sharp, well-saturated pictures, always use a lens hood wherever possible. • Filters. Push-on or screw-on color filters can be helpful in black and white photography (see page 240), and color correcting filters help neutralize color photographs taken under unusual lighting. There is also a whole range of filters designed for creating special effects.

There is no doubt that computers are amazing machines. Their strength is in being able to perform millions of mathematical calculations per second. To apply this ability to working with images, we must start with a description of pictures that the computer can understand. This means that the images must be in a digital form. 2 Sensors replace film in digital cameras. When the shutter button is pressed, the image (individual RGB colors and tone) is captured by each cell of the sensor and a digital photograph results.

These settings can be displayed by slightly different exposure. Virtually all the calling up the information (sometimes called camera actions are battery powered – from metadata) in an image editing program such its internal focus sensor, motor drive for film as Photoshop. 39 2 L A N G F O R D ’ S S TA R T I N G P H O T O G R A P H Y Specialist shooting modes Some cameras contain a range of shooting modes designed to take the guesswork out of adjusting camera settings to suit different shooting scenarios.

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