Krishna's Song: A New Look at the Bhagavad Gita by Steven J. Rosen

By Steven J. Rosen

Rosen deals Westerners an easy-to-read creation to a sacred textual content, demystifying its enormous philosophy in a easy method. this isn't yet one more translation, purely reiterating what the Gita itself has to assert. it is extremely an try and culturally translate the textual content, utilising innovations and different types to which Western readers are accustomed. by way of enticing regularly occurring motifs—such as problems with modernity, pop-culture icons, and famous philosophers within the West—the writer brings the Gita into concentration for non-specialists and students alike. via a sequence of latest information references and insightful summaries, readers will ultimately comprehend the evidence and personalities that make up the Bhagavad Gita.Using his a long time of Gita-centered learn, Rosen unlocks the mysteries of the text's non secular underpinnings. He offers an summary of the Gita's narrative and teachings along documentation of its conventional software and extra sleek ways that the textual content will be understood. scholars and students alike will have fun in how good this publication lays naked the tradition and the context of the Gita, leading to a reader's deep familiarity with this such a lot sacred of all of the world's knowledge texts.

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Nonetheless, without any other recourse, a major war soon came to be. Lord Krishna, known by the cousins as God incarnate, was acting as the leader of the Yadavas from Dwaraka, a magnificent city on India’s western coast. He offered Himself and His entire army to the cause of the upcoming battle. tex C34553/Rosen 26 August 9, 2007 KRISHNA’S SONG would have to choose one or the other. Krishna stipulated that He would do no battle—the side that chose Him would have to be content with His moral support.

Tex C34553/Rosen 34 August 9, 2007 KRISHNA’S SONG peace. The basic premise of Vedic culture teaches this: The ultimate solution to the mind-set that leans toward violence, conflict, and war, is, indeed, religion, or spirituality, which seeks to transform the consciousness. Only when every human is thus transformed by spiritual truth will violence appear foolish and aberrant, as it truly is. Until then, violence will necessarily, if unfortunately, play a part in life on earth. It should again be underlined that not everyone is a Kshatriya, and Arjuna’s dilemma is specific to his circumstance—not everyone in his position should fight.

What Krishna means is this: the ultimate purpose of Vedic knowledge is to understand this entangling “tree” of the material world and, by such knowledge, extricate oneself from it. In effect, understanding the complexities of this banyan tree and how it relates to the soul and God have been the main subject of the Gita thus far, since Krishna has explained it in several ways using diverse terminology. tex C34553/Rosen 18 July 5, 2007 KRISHNA’S SONG non-attachment,” He says, “one must cut down this banyan tree with determination.

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