King David : A Biography by Steven L. McKenzie

By Steven L. McKenzie

The most vital and intricate characters within the Bible, King David has been the topic of innumerable snap shots, either creative and literary. Michaelangelo's great sculpture of him might be the one most sensible recognized murals on the earth, and the tale of the standard shepherd who slew Goliath and have become king has assumed a strong mythological prestige. yet used to be David a true person--and if this is the case what sort of individual was once he?

Through an in depth and significant analyzing of biblical texts, historical background, and up to date archeological discoveries, Steven L. McKenzie concludes that David was once certainly a true individual. This David, despite the fact that, was once no hero yet a usurper, adulterer, and murderer--a heart japanese despot of a well-recognized sort. McKenzie exhibits that the tale of humble beginnings is totally deceptive: ''shepherd'' is a metaphor for ''king,'' and David got here from a prosperous, upper-class historical past. equally, McKenzie unearths how David's ascent to strength, often attributed to acceptance and divine blessing, actually resulted from a crusade of terror and assassination. whereas instituting a full-blown center jap monarchy, David used to be an competitive chief, a devious flesh presser, and a ruthless warfare leader. all through his scandalous reign, vital figures who stood in his method died at handy instances, below questionable conditions. Even his personal sons weren't spared. David's tale, writes McKenzie, ''reads like a latest cleaning soap opera, with lots of intercourse, violence, and struggles for power.''

Carefully researched and vividly written, King David: An Unauthorized Biography bargains a provocative reappraisal of the lifetime of one of many Bible's so much compelling figures.

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J~). Its name was given to it by archaeologists who identified this area as the site of part of David's Jerusalem; nothing found there names David, though. 5 meters, which likely served to support a large building on the crest of the hill (Fig. 6). "12 There are also the ruins of a few other buildings at this site that archaeologists generally agree date to the tenth century. But none of these—including the stepped stone structure—have any demonstrable connection to David. 2. A deep tunnel on the same hillside as the "City of David," called "Warrens Shaft" after its discoverer, has often been related to the story of David's conquest of Jerusalem.

There is no hint that David ever represented the dynasty or the nation of Judah. Rather, all the stories are about him as an individual. They deal with the drives, motives, and deeds of an individual man rather than the representative of a group. " The latter is a political designation and refers to the dynasty or kingdom of Judah. 10 David is the founder of the dynasty known as the "house" or "seed" of David. The occurrence of David's name on the Shoshenq relief, then, is uncertain. Kitchen's explanation of it is highly speculative and causes more problems than it solves.

It is also the source for most of the information about him in Chronicles and Psalms. / Samuel l6—l Kings 2 in the Deuteronomistic History The books of 1—2 Samuel and 1—2 Kings are part of the Deuteronomistic History. This is the name biblical scholars use for the books of Deuteronomy plus Joshua, Judges, 1—2 Samuel, and 1—2 Kings. (The book of Ruth, Royal Propaganda 27 found in English Bibles between Judges and i Samuel, is in a different location in the Hebrew Bible and was not part of the Deuteronomistic History).

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