Killer Cronicas: Bilingual Memories (Writing in Latinidad) by Susana Chávez-Silverman

By Susana Chávez-Silverman

A girl dwelling and speaking in a number of lands, Susana Ch?vez-Silverman conveys her cultural and linguistic displacement in funny, bittersweet, or even tangible methods during this actually bilingual literary paintings. those meditative and lyrical items mix poignant own confession, unique day-by-day commentary, and a memorializing force that shifts throughout time and between geocultural areas. The author’s creative and flamboyant use of Spanglish, a hybrid English-Spanish idiom, and her variation of the confessional "cr?nica" make this memoir compelling and robust. Killer Cr?nicas confirms that there's no Latina voice really like that of Susana Ch?vez-Silverman. incorporates a bankruptcy that was once provided first prize in El Andar magazine’s Chicano Literary Excellence Contest within the classification of non-public memoir.

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