Kant-Studien Philosophische Zeitschrift der by Edited by Manfred Baum, Bernd Dörflinger, Heiner Klemme, and

By Edited by Manfred Baum, Bernd Dörflinger, Heiner Klemme, and Thomas M. Seebohm

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When Pedro’s mother visits him in the prison, she is dressed in a manto that covers her hair, thus allowing us to associate her with the maternal Virgin as represented in religious paintings, such as Piero della Francesca’s Madonna in trono col bambino e santi. Dalí’s Madonna de Port Lligat could be seen as a modern version of Piero della Francesca’s early Renaissance painting. 93 The theme of the mother is a Mexican obsession par excellence. Marianismo has been the conventional pattern of the socialization of the white woman in Mexican society, thereby polarizing the gender positions of Mexican society.

86 When one of the kids refuses to smoke he is called ‘mariquita’, which is a homophobic insult. Homophobia here can be read as the irrational fear of the other in oneself or a symptom of ambivalent social bonds as a way of enforcing the power of heteronormativity as the dominant social practice. How could we read this performance of homophobic masculinity from a camp spectatorship position? 88 The artificial social enactment of these street kids’ masculinity thus renders gender a question of aesthetics.

104 However, let us explore how the film disrupts these monolithic gender polarities by setting up the character as an erotic object. Jaibo’s ‘repulsive’ personality contrasts with the classical perfection of his young and polished body. Through close-ups and medium shots, the camera objectifies his body or focuses on his crotch, thereby appreciating his physicality and allowing for a homoerotic scopophilic pleasure. 105 The shooting style thus encourages the viewer to take pleasure in watching the male body.

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