Journey to Cubeville: A Dilbert Book by Scott Adams

By Scott Adams

"Since Adams parted corporation with Pacific Bell in 1995, the company he has equipped out of mocking company has changed into this type of good fortune tale that the common sketch hero may possibly purely dream of."—The London monetary Times

"Go forward and reduce that Dilbert comic strip. Pin it to the wall of your claustrophobic cubicle. snicker at it round the water cooler, remarking how related it truly is to the incomprehensible memos and ludicrous administration techniques at your personal company."—The Washington Post

Dilbert, Dogbert, and the remainder of the world's favourite cubicle dwellers are bound to go away you rolling on your workspace with Scott Adams's comic strip assortment, Journey to Cubeville.

Dilbert writer Scott Adams has anything certain for everybody who thinks their place of work is a residing monument to inefficiency—or, in case you were resulted in think pointless paintings is like popcorn for the soul.

Adams lampoons every little thing within the enterprise international that drives the sane employee into the land of the lunacy:

*Network directors who've the facility to paralyze a complete company with a trifling keystroke

*Accountants who strength you to conflict ferociously to get reimbursed for a $2.59 ham sandwich you scarfed whereas traveling

*Managers enthusiastic about perfect-attendance certificate, dead-end tasks, and blockading staff from enjoyable websites and respectable workplace supplies

*Companies spending piles of dough on initiatives deeply rooted in stupidity, in addition to a myriad of silly consultants

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