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2 Arithmetic functions For the following arithmetic functions, the expression x shall be either of real-type or integer-type. For the functions abs and sqr, the type of the result shall be the same as the type of the parameter, x. For the remaining arithmetic functions, the result shall always be of real-type. The result shall be as shown in table 2. Table 2 | Arithmetic function results Function Result abs(x) sqr(x) absolute value of x square of x It shall be an error if such a value does not exist.

The value, if any, of the component of a variable shall be the same component of the value, if any, of the variable. component-variable = indexed-variable j eld-designator . 2 Indexed-variables A component of a variable possessing an array-type shall be denoted by an indexed-variable. indexed-variable = array-variable ` ' index-expression, f `,' index-expression g `]' . array-variable = variable-access . index-expression = expression . An array-variable shall be a variable-access that denotes a variable possessing an array-type.

R <> S( )). R. R. rst)). When the le-variable f possesses a type other than that denoted by text, the required procedures read and write shall be de ned as follows. ,vn ) shall access the le-variable and establish a reference to that levariable for the remaining execution of the statement. ,vn ) end where denotes the referenced le-variable. Let f be a le-variable and v be a variable-access then the procedure-statement read(f,v) shall access the le-variable and establish a reference to that le-variable for the remaining execution of the statement.

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