Intonation, Word Order, and Focus Projection in by Svetlana Godjevac

By Svetlana Godjevac

This paintings is a research of concentration projection in Serbo-Croatian. Serbo-Croatian is a South-
Slavic language spoken within the former Yugoslavia. now inclusive of 3 separate countries:
Croatia. Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), and Bosnia and Herzegovina. My
study relies on facts solely from the Serbian a part of those 3 territories. However,
I think that many issues. specially the syntax. hold over to the kinds spoken in other
regions besides.

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1 Focus Marking by Pitch-amnt In English. German, Dutch. and some other Germanic languages that have postlexical pitch accents, a phonological correlate of focus is the placement of the nuclear pitch accent (Hailiday, 1967; Bolinger, 1978; Ladd, 1980;Pierrehumben. 1980; Selkirk. 1984: Gussenhoven. 1983. inter alia). In the focus literature the focus-signalling property of pitch accent is most often taken to be a property of morphosyntactic words. Words that bear the nuclear pitch accent can be interpreted as focused.

1998; Kadmon. 2000. among others). In this thesis I will present data from a scrambling language and show that using the notion of syntactic constituency seems to be the most parsimonious way to account for the prominencefocus relationship. If this conclusion is accepted it also has consequences for thesyntax of saambling. This chapter is organized as follows. , deaccenting). The main conclusion is that prominence and context together guide the focus identification,and neither alone is sufficient to identify focus.

1, we see the rise in Fo at the beginning of the utterance around the first syllable of MOT. 2. the FOrise occurs around the word new. In each of the examples in (13). in certain contexts the pitch accent can be interpreted as signalins focus of the word bearing the accent. These cases are referred to as narrow focus. 1: An Fo track of the sentence MARY bought a t ~ o vmo~lirot. bo~rghta NEW mottirur The focus is narrow because it is confined to the word containing the accent. Examples of this type are used as evidence that there is a bidirectional relationship between focus and accent.

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