Industrial Hygiene Engineering. Recognition, Measurement, by John T. Talty, P.E. (Eds.)

By John T. Talty, P.E. (Eds.)

Content material:

, Pages v-vi
1 - acceptance of future health Hazards

, Pages 2-10
2 - equipment for Measuring and comparing health and wellbeing Hazards

, Pages 11-35
3 - Human Systems

, Pages 36-53
4 - business Toxicology

, Pages 54-61
5 - actual Hazards

, Pages 62-69
6 - normal equipment of regulate on hand to the economic Hygiene Engineer

, Pages 70-78
7 - criminal points of Occupational protection and Health

, Pages 79-85
1 - features of Air

, Pages 88-102
2 - homes of Airborne Contaminants

, Pages 103-114
3 - ideas of Air Movement

, Pages 115-134
4 - Dilution Ventilation

, Pages 135-151
5 - neighborhood Exhaust Ventilation

, Pages 152-161
6 - makeup Air

, Pages 162-170
7 - layout of Exhaust Hoods

, Pages 171-187
8 - ideas of Air Cleaning

, Pages 188-197
9 - Air-Cleaning Devices

, Pages 198-214
10 - Air-Moving Devices

, Pages 215-230
11 - layout of Ducts

, Pages 231-241
12 - rules of approach Design

, Pages 242-263
13 - air flow approach Design

, Pages 264-272
14 - Recirculation of Exhaust Air

, Pages 273-280
15 - Correcting for Nonstandard Conditions

, Pages 281-288
16 - Thermal air flow Effects

, Pages 289-299
17 - trying out systems within the Plant

, Pages 300-314
18 - Environmental Air Pollution

, Pages 315-324
1 - warmth alternate and Its results on Man

, Pages 326-335
2 - Thermal Measurement

, Pages 336-344
3 - Thermal pressure Indices

, Pages 345-359
4 - tools for Controlling Thermal Exposures

, Pages 360-370
1 - Physics of Sound

, Pages 372-389
2 - Physics of Sound

, Pages 390-409
3 - Physics of Sound

, Pages 410-437
4 - The Ear and the results of Sound

, Pages 438-454
5 - Vibration

, Pages 455-469
6 - Noise Control

, Pages 470-492
1 - Light

, Pages 494-508
2 - mild and Seeing/Design of a lights System

, Pages 509-523
3 - lighting fixtures Design

, Pages 524-561
1 - ideas of Nonionizing Radiation

, Pages 564-597
2 - regulate of Nonionizing Radiation

, Pages 598-620
3 - ideas of Ionizing Radiation

, Pages 621-647
4 - Instrumentation

, Pages 648-658
5 - keep watch over of Ionizing Radiation

, Pages 659-700
1 - creation to Ergonomics

, Pages 702-711
2 - the employee because the actual Component

, Pages 712-729
3 - the employee because the Controlling Component

, Pages 730-740
4 - layout of the Job

, Pages 741-751
5 - layout of the Workplace

, Pages 752-765
1 - regulate of commercial Water Quality

, Pages 768-779
2 - regulate of stable Waste

, Pages 780-788
3 - buy, dealing with, and garage of detrimental Materials

, Pages 789-799
4 - own protecting Equipment

, Pages 800-811
5 - expenses of commercial Hygiene Control

, Pages 812-820
6 - simple fiscal Analysis

, Pages 821-831
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, Page 831

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Water excretion and retention. e l e c t r o l y t e s a l t balance. l a c t a t i o n for the new mother. sexual development, a c t i v i t y , and reproduction. body composition and a b i l i t y t o adapt and r e s i s t stress. The major glands o f the endocrine system are the p i t u i t a r y gland, which acts to regulate growth, water balance, and e l e c t r o l y t e s a l t balance i n the blood; the thyroid, which controls metabolic processes and the r a t e of metabolic processes: the adrenals, which a s s i s t the body i n coping with stress; and the gonads, or ovaries and testes, which are essential i n the deve Iopm n t o f secondary sex c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s .

Some o f the galvanized parts are sent to welding. 4 . Booths #1 and #2 are used for acetylene c u t t i n g and welding using an oxygen a s s i s t . 5. Booth #3 i s used for gas shielded metal arc welding. Carbon dioxide i s used as the gas shield. 6 . Parts are moved from welding by c a r t pulled manually or by forklift. 1. 32 Industrial Hygiene Engineering I Finished Storage PERSONNEL 3 PACKERS 1 FORKLIFT DVR. 2 WAREHSMEN 1 SHIPPING CLK. S. Process Desc r i pt i on 1. Parts are moved to storage racks by c a r t pulled manually or by f o r k l i f t truck.

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