Imperial China, 617-1644 (World Eras) by Guangqiu Xu

By Guangqiu Xu

A part of a chain aiming to assist scholars and researchers comprehend key classes in international historical past, this quantity is split into 9 chapters that concentrate on Imperial China.

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746 Daibutsu Hall, the largest wooden structure in the world, is built in the Todai Temple complex in Nara, Japan. * DENOTES CIRCA DATE 8 WORLD ERAS VOL. 7: IMPERIAL CHINA WORLD EVENTS 617-1644 749 The reign of Shomu comes to an end. Japanese society was dominated by a widespread imitation of Chinese culture during his administration. His daughter Koken takes the throne. Indian monk Padmasambhava introduces Buddhism to Tibet and establishes a monastery. 750 The Mayan city Teotihuacan in Mexico is destroyed and the seat of power shifts to southern Mexico.

A Muslim relief column traveling toward Jerusalem is destroyed by Crusaders at the Battle of Ascalon (Ashdod). Pope Urban II dies; Paschal II is elected Pope and continues his predecessor's calls for crusades against the Muslims. 11OO An arrow fatally strikes William II in the eye while he is hunting. His brother, Henry I, takes the English throne. Bohemond I, a Crusader leader, is captured by the Muslims but is released three years later. Baldwin I of Boulogne is made king of Jerusalem; he captures Acre (1104).

1053 The Normans, who control most of southern Italy and raid against the Byzantines, raise the ire of Pope Leo IX, who gathers an Italian and Greek army against them. They, however, defeat the Italians and capture the Pope at the Battle of Civitella (Civitate). 1O54 Pope Leo IX excommunicates the Byzantine patriarch Michael I Cerularius, who has closed Latin churches and insisted that he is equal to the Roman patriarch, causing a schism between the two churches. Leo falls ill and is removed from Benevento, where he was being held by the Normans, to Rome, where he dies.

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