Howards End by E. M. Forster by Ian Milligan (auth.)

By Ian Milligan (auth.)

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Jane Austen and the Didactic Novel: Northanger Abbey, feel and Sensibility and delight and Prejudice Barnes & Noble Books, U. S. A, 1983. Hardcover.

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But the events of the evening have made it impossible to have faith in her belief. She is willing to put Leonard off with a polite fib. Her letter to Helen, though practical, is brutal about the Basts. When she talks to Henry she avoids any talk of feeling, and in doing so fails to give him any opportunity to talk about himself. Though she falls asleep, 'tethered by affection, and lulled by the murmurs of the river that descended all the night from Wales', we may wonder whether she bas dealt justly with the people involved.

But the grass which trickles through Margaret's fingers sets her apart from him and links her to the first Mrs Wilcox. The practical effect of her love for Henry has been to make her his accomplice. As they leave Oniton, the hill that obscures her view of 'Charles's new springboard' seems to obliterate the fact that Wilcoxes have ever been there. CHAPTER 30 Summary Helen arrives at Oxford to tell Tibby that she is going to Germany. She tells him that she has found out something about Mr Wilcox, who has behaved badly and has ruined the lives of others.

In the sunlight 'the little fire was coated with grey', as if, in comparison with the natural world, Tibby's study lacks warmth. Helen's pathetic story is 'odd'. Tibby shows no curiosity about what his sister has to say. He looks at her 'curiously' when she sobs. Helen's tears were 'nearer the things that did concern him, such as 45 music' but he is only aware that they are 'unusual'. Tibby's detachment is chilling. Helen's commission to decide whether Margaret should be told what she knows about Mr Wilcox is received coldly.

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