Hitler: A Chronology of His Life and Time, 2nd Edition by Milan Hauer

By Milan Hauer

This particular reference consultant, in response to an unlimited volume of resource facts, strains each recognized element of Hitler's occupation, with wide citation either from Hitler's personal speeches and writings and from these of his contemporaries. This new version positive aspects an enlarged and up to date bibliography and advent.

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As for the Jewish Question, Hitler declares that ‘our position remains unalterable … the Jew is the ferment of decomposition [borrowing a quote from the great German historian, Theodor Mommsen], responsible for the internal disintegration of all races which he penetrates as a parasite’. Fighting the Jew, Hitler 22 Life and Time 1920 emphasizes, is like removing ‘racial tuberculosis’, which endangers the life of humanity (Jäckel, pp. 155–6). 5 July: At a discussion evening of the NSDAP in the Sterneckerbräu, Hitler speaks ‘About Daily Life’.

4 March: Hitler speaks in the Hofbräuhaus on ‘The Truth about the “Forced Peace of Brest–Litovsk”’ and the ‘So-called Peace of Reconciliation and Understanding of Versailles’. 14 March: After learning of the outbreak of the Kapp–Lüttwitz Putsch in Berlin, Hitler, Captain Mayr and Dietrich Eckart consider forming a parallel putschist government in Munich. Eckart, a boastful Bavarian writer, drug addict and violent anti-Semite, was publishing a tract called Auf Gut Deutsch (In Plain German). He was said to exercise considerable influence upon Hitler.

Hitler’s own account in MK is incorrect; see Joachimsthaler, Korrektur, p. ) 16 Life and Time 1919 Mid-February: Hitler is elected as a ‘spokesman’ (Vertrauensmann) to represent his battalion at the self-governing regimental soldiers’ council recognized by the Social-Democratic government (SPD) installed in the Bavarian capital. His main duty was to ‘enlighten’ his unit through pro-Republican propaganda. 20 February–8 March: Hitler begins his guard duties at the Munich railway station. 21 February: Kurt Eisner, the Socialist prime minister of the Bavarian Republic, is murdered.

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