Hidden Truths from Eden: Esoteric Readings of Genesis 1-3 by Caroline Vander Stichele, Susanne Scholz

By Caroline Vander Stichele, Susanne Scholz

Examine a wealthy historical past of religious interpretations from antiquity to the present

Since the 16th century CE, the sector of bible study has inquisitive about the literal which means of texts. This assortment seeks to rectify this oversight via integrating the research of esoteric readings into educational discourse. Case experiences targeting the 1st 3 chapters of Genesis hide diverse classes and strategies from early Christian discourse via zoharic, kabbalistic and alchemical literature to trendy and post-postmodern approaches.


  • Discussions, comparisons, and analyses of esoteric appropriations of Genesis 1-3
  • Essays on production myths, gender, destiny and unfastened will, the ideas of data, knowledge, and gnosis
  • Responses to papers that offer quite a number view points

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As a man she has a rational mind and controls her body (Ivarsson 2007, 156–166). However, she does not become a perfect man in every respect. For example, she does not dominate others except her slaves, and she does not speak outside the house. On the contrary, she remains quiet and dutiful even after her conversion. She just shifts in allegiance from one husband to another. She goes from soLeVåG: AdAm, eVe, And THe serPenT 21 her husband’s authority to christ’s (that is, to Andrew who functions as his earthly representative).

However, not only is there a gender difference, class also plays a role in the embodiment of salvation. In this respect it should be noted that Iphidama, Maximilla’s faithful slave, does not experience any transformation toward maleness in her conversion. For instance, the short prayer that Andrew offers on Iphidama’s behalf, characterizes her as a courageous “fellow servant” (συνδούλος, Acts Andr. 29); there is no “becoming male” imagery. The same goes for Alcman, who is repeatedly called παίς (Acts Andr.

46). it is at this point that maximilla finally has worked up the courage to defy her husband. she goes directly from the prison to Aegeates’s praetorium and tells him that she will not sleep with him. Aegeates then decides that Andrew will be crucified. When maximilla becomes “what the words signified,” it means that she takes on the chastity that Andrew has preached. maximilla’s transformation is an embodiment rather than an articulation of her salvation. in contrast to stratocles, who gives birth to saving words and starts to speak them, maximilla’s transformation is a mute act, displayed by her actions.

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