Head And Hand in Ancient Greece: Four Studies in The Social by Benjamin Farrington

By Benjamin Farrington

4 groundbreaking essays within the sociology of data represent this crucial ebook. the 1st discusses the nature of the nice early interval of Greek technological know-how and exhibits that, whereas it used to be now not but experimental, neither was once it only speculative. It used to be, in truth, heavily relating to perform. the second one lines the impact at the paintings and technology of medication of social alterations affecting the perspective to guide paintings and the guide employee. Stoicism as a dwelling and constructing move in a altering surroundings varieties the topic of the 3rd essay. The fourth and final of Farrington's essays exhibits how the gentle faith and impressive technological know-how of Epicurus swiftly all through Italy and threatened to rob superstition of its police functionality.

Reprint of the 1947 variation. encompasses a new foreword through Barry Baldwin.

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So in olden times sang the prince of poets. his words were perhaps applicable to that And THE HAND IN HEALING: 42 ancient race which ploughed its fathers' fields with its own oxen; but they are not so true of the fanners of our day who work unremittingly on another's farm and must struggle at the same time with dire poverty. And with what result? The diseases by which the agri- cultural especially at least in Italy, and bank of the Po, are wont to population, on either be attacked are pleurisy, inflammation of the lungs, asthma, colic, erisypelas, ophthalmia, The quinsy, tooth-ache, and dental decay.

Is the spirit and such is the content of Ramazreform of the Hippocratic art. " must understand that, though in classical antiquity it is possible to speak of the rights of the citizen, it is hardly possible to speak of the rights of man. A long development, not primarily of man's nature, but of his control over inanimate nature, was requisite before even the most far-sighted could venture to urge the desirability of extending medical attention to every level of the working population. Another two hundred years were to elapse before any Government organized such attention and set forth in its Constitution that the free enjoyment of medical aid was a basic right of the individual.

But in the productive arts man does not so much copy nature as co-operate with it. " Such arts contain truth, because, being a means of co-operation with the power of nature, successful achievement of the intended purpose means that the powers of nature have been understood. In this sense technique has both a Successful practical and an epistemological value. is a revelation both of man's knowledge of nature and his power over it, which are but two aspects of the one thing. Such was the idea which gripped the minds of the Milesian thinkers.

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