Handbook for TQM and QCC Vol.II by Ryu Fukui; Yoko Honda; Harue Inoue; Noriharu Kaneko; Ichiro

By Ryu Fukui; Yoko Honda; Harue Inoue; Noriharu Kaneko; Ichiro Miyauchi; Susana Soriano; Yuka Yagi

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Some Circles have their members take turns being the leaders, and others elect their leaders, but these approaches have the potential to create a dictatorial environment for leaders who are not well qualified for the role. Also, leaders can be tempted to choose themes that are easy to solve. Therefore, a Circle leader must be selected carefully, particularly when it is at the beginning of its activities. After a few years of QCC implementation, when the QC methods are well disseminated, Circles are able to select leaders (or theme leaders) depending on the themes that they are going to tackle.

2 How to Get Started: QC Circle Activities Responsibility of a QC Circle Office (1) It implements the policies and plans formulated by the QC Circle Steering Committee. (2) It handles all paperwork and maintains records like the QC Circle registry, minutes of meetings, and QC Circle cases. (3) It provides support to the QC Circle Steering Committee and the leaders. (4 )It organizes promotional activities like competitions and visits to other companies with QC Circles 2-2-3 Appointment of Facilitators Facilitators, who are chosen from among the managers, comprise a key element that greatly influences the success of the QC Circle program, especially at the beginning of its development.

Step 3: Determine the method of collecting data. Step 4: Check and compare the stratified data items. Step 5: Find causes by finding big differences among data items If a big difference is not found, keep going back to step 2 to add some other stratifying items until obvious peculiarities among the data are discovered. 50 4 Seven QC Tools and QCC Techniques Typical Categories of Stratification l By time: year, month, week, day, hour, night, afternoon, morning, period, etc. l By workforce: division, section, dayshift, nightshift, group, age, experience, etc.

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