Gradience in Grammar: Generative Perspectives (Oxford by Gisbert Fanselow, Caroline Fery, Matthias Schlesewsky, Ralf

By Gisbert Fanselow, Caroline Fery, Matthias Schlesewsky, Ralf Vogel

This ebook represents the state-of-the-art within the learn of gradience in grammar: the measure to which utterances are applicable or grammatical, and the connection among acceptability and grammaticality. half I seeks to elucidate the character of gradience from the views of phonology, generative syntax, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics. components II and III research concerns in phonology and syntax. half IV considers lengthy flow from diverse methodological views. the knowledge mentioned comes from a variety of languages and dialects, and contains tone and rigidity styles, note order version, and query formation. The booklet will curiosity linguists enthusiastic about the certainty of syntax, phonology, language version and acquisition, discourse, and the operations of language in the brain.

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2). 1 Is there gradient phonology? Phonology is most basically a system of contrasts, crucial to the conveyance of linguistic meaning. This suggests that phonology is in some sense ‘categorical’. Central to most formal models of phonology is a characterization of minimally contrasting sound ‘units’ (whether in featural, segmental, or gestural terms) that form the building blocks of meaningful linguistic units. In what ways is phonology categorical—mirroring its function as deWning contrast, and to what degree is phonology inherently gradient in its representation, production, perception, acquisition, social realization, and change over time?

1 Temporal/spatial gradience In work on the phonetic implementation of phonology, gradient/gradience is used in the sense of change in phonetic space through time. 1. In this case, there is a change in the amount of nasal airXow (space) through time, characterized as being a cline, distinct from more plateau-like cases (argued to obtain in cases of contrast). This is what I take to be the primary sense of gradience versus categoriality as it applies to the domain of sound patterns and their realization.

G. Pierrehumbert 2002 and Scobbie 2004). ’ We return below to the nature of the relationship between phonology and phonetics, as the status of gradient phonology plays a crucial role in this question. In order to investigate gradience in phonology, we need a clearer understanding of what we mean by gradience and we need to consider how it might be manifested in diVerent aspects of the phonology. I turn to these questions in the next section. 2 Aspects of gradience Most basically, we understand gradient and gradience in opposition to categorical and categoriality.

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