Future Matters by Adam, B., Groves, C.

By Adam, B., Groves, C.

Destiny issues issues modern ways to the longer term - how the long run is understood, created and minded. In a social international whose speed maintains to speed up the longer term turns into an more and more tricky terrain. whereas the point of interest of social lifestyles is narrowing all the way down to the current, the futures we create each day solid ever longer shadows. "Future concerns" addresses this paradox and its deep moral implications. It locates modern methods to the longer term in a much wider sociological and historic framework of practices, lines variations and continuities, and exhibits how modern practices of futures-construction make taking accountability for futures all yet very unlikely.

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Moreover, patterns were observed within the retail price index, mortgage rates, bank base rates and many more economic variables. These observed patterns proved strong predictors as long as no extraordinary circumstances arose. Thus, for example, the great depression of the late nineteen-twenties did not fit any of the mapped and projected cycles and consequently caught most economic forecasters by surprise. Since the economy is sensitive to socio-political events there is much that can and will interfere with even the most stable and established patterns of economic activity and thus thwart the economists’ best calculations (Evans 1997).

Equally, the more socially interconnected the activity, the more chance there is for interference and derailment of the plans. Both these conditions have inevitable knock-on effects for the fulfilment of promises, irrespective of whether those making the promises are economists, politicians or scientists. In the case of projections, therefore, scientists have no privileged position with respect to the certainties of their promised results because they have abandoned the territory of secure past-based knowledge upon which the logic of their investigation of the future is founded.

4 4 See for example Bell (2003/1997), Bell & Mau (1971), Inayatullah (2005), May (1996), and Slaughter (1995). the future told 37 From that vantage point, in turn, futurists seek to devise the means and paths to reach desired end states. While the importance of these methods must not be understated, it needs to be acknowledged that those future presents, with few exceptions such as Bell’s (2003/1997) dispositionals, are not conceived as facta but as products of the imagination only. That is to say, with few exceptions, the future presents of future studies are predominantly conceived as aspects of mind.

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