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River of Enterprise: The Commercial Origins of Regional Identity in the Ohio Valley, 1790-1850

"Gruenwald's publication will make an identical contribution to historic wisdom of the Ohio Valley as Lewis Atherton's Frontier service provider did for our knowing of the mercantile Midwest within the mid-nineteenth century. .. . a finely crafted narrative that we could the reader needless to say the Ohio River constantly served extra as an artery, that's, a river of trade, than a dividing line or boundary.

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Casaubon, in 1669, was stung to ridicule by the same brashness). an invective against Glanvill, which was refused licence, and which Glanvill obtained and printed privately under the title of the Chew Gazette, of which no copy has so far been found. Meanwhile, in 1668, Stubbe had independently been provoked into reading first Glanvill's Plus Ultra (which was available by July) and then Sprat's History, by encountering at a dinner 26 THE CONSERVATIVE OPPOSITION party an admirer of the Royal Society (unidentified) who compared ancient and modern medicine very much to the discredit of the former.

The Air-Pump, the Barometer, the Quadrant, and the like Inventions, were thrown out to those busy Spirits, as Tubs and Barrels are to a Whale that he may let the Ship sail on without Disturbance, whilst he diverts himself with those innocent Amusements. Pleasant as it is to imagine Charles II diverting the ardour of political hotheads like Robert Boyle with nonchalant requests to invent the air pump or improve the barometer, this seems merely a careless recollection of a mixture of remarks by Sprat and Stubbe, possibly deliberately assumed to accent the ingenuousness of Mr.

H. More (Oxford, 1671). To George Thomson Stubbe now replied with three tracts, which would not be in place here had Stubbe not bound in with them another attack on Glanvill: 15) The Lord Bacon's Relation of the Sweatening-Sickness Examined, in a Reply to George Thomson . together with 16) A Defence ofPhlebotomy ... in Opposition to the same Author . also 17) A relation concerning the Strange Symptomes happening upon the Bite of an Adder. And: 18) A Reply: by way of Preface to the Calumnies of Eccebolius Glanvile (London, 1671).

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