Fast Liquid-phase Processes In Turbulent Flows by Al. Al. Berlin, V. P. Zakharov, G. E. Zaikov

By Al. Al. Berlin, V. P. Zakharov, G. E. Zaikov

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2. 6. Suspensions preparation The following fast chemical reaction was used as a model: HzS04 + BaClz + BaS04&+ 2HC1 Three methods of suspension synthesis were used: Variant 1 (Fig. 3a). Barium chloride interacts with sulfuric acid placed in stirred tank apparatus (three-necked flask of 500cm3 volume and filled for 70%) in the presence of rotating mixer 2. The last one operates according with rotary pump principle and creates intensive turbulent flows in axial direction of reaction; Variant 2 (Fig.

99 0,99 In this case according with Svedberg-Oden's equation [273] mass mi of fractions of particles with radius r > ri participated at time moment Ti was calculated by the following expression: 2 mi= expt -)a B -2 1+ expt-0) -x b --2 i -x b -x b(l+e x p C u ) ) 2 b -2. 4) Since differential distribution of particles of disperse phase F(re) by equivalent radius re (radius of spherical particle precipitating with the same rate) is typical function of variable distribution, so for calculation of most probable (averaging by mass) radius rmpof suspension particles the following expression was used: W 46 CHAPTER 3.

1. Experimental assembly for isoprene polymerization. 1, 2 - reservoirs for reagents; 3 tubular turbulent apparatus; 4 - vessel of 500 cm3 volume; 5 - three-way cock; 6 - magnetic stirrer. 3. Chlorination of butyl rubber Experiment was carried out on assembly of experimental-industrial shop of research center of OAO "Nizhnekamskneftekhim". Butyl rubber has been preliminary dissolved in nephras in reservoir with stirrer for 5 hours up to solution concentration 13%. Then solution with the help of the pump was inputted under pressure 0,08 MPa at 303K to the connecting nipple of tubular turbulent apparatus of divergent-convergent design with following sizes: divergent diameter dd = SOmm, convergent diameter d, = 25mm, section length L, = 75mm, L = 2m.

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