Environmental Issues in the Mediterranean: Processes and by John B. Thornes

By John B. Thornes

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As we shall see in Chapter 2, the Mediterranean is a relative newcomer to the Earth’s landscape. The closure of the eastern seaway of the Tethys Ocean did not occur until about nine million years ago, bringing about the basic physiography as we see it today. , 1995 for examples of drainage-basin evolution). 1 The catchment of the Mediterranean Basin Source: Reproduced in Grenon and Batisse (1989). 10) – means that such a definition excludes many areas that share important characteristics with the coastal zone.

Recent developments can only effectively be understood in the context of changing human-settlement and land-use patterns. For example, modern depopulation of the mountain zones is only really understandable in the context of the historical context of why settlement expanded to occupy these zones, the resulting internal and human-induced impacts on the local environment, and the broader tides of history that ultimately led these marginal areas to become unprofitable or unlivable for many (McNeill, 1992).

T]he house now tottered under repeated and violent concussions, and seemed to rock to and fro as if torn from its foundations. In the open air, on the other hand, they dreaded the falling pumice stones, light and porous though they were; . . They tied pillows on their heads with napkins; and this was their whole defence against the showers that fell around them. . They thought proper to go down to the shore to observe from close at hand if they The geological setting 15 could possibly put out to sea, but they found the waves still ran high and contrary.

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