Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic by Mark Tatulli

By Mark Tatulli

"Tatulli's access into the comics/fiction--hybrid marketplace is likely one of the best…The audience will snap this up and beg for more."

---Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"This is stuffed with ghoulish enjoyable, and fanatics of Diary of a Wimpy Kid most likely won't are looking to leave out it."
---School Library Journal

"Desmond Pucket well fills a niche for our readers---it's a step extra refined than Diary of a Wimpy Kid yet appeals to that reader. It's additionally so nice to have a Halloween/monster/scary stuff sequence to provide boys that isn't Goosebumps."
---Rebecca Waesch, Children's Product supervisor, Joseph-Beth BooksellersMeet Desmond Pucket---professor of frightology and grasp of monsters.

sometime Desmond might be well-known for his lighting tricks wizardry, yet for now he's simply attempting to make it via 6th grade at Cloverfield Memorial Junior excessive, this means that he must remain one step prior to the school's disciplinary officer, Mr. Needles.

the one challenge is Desmond simply can't cease pulling pranks---like the time he hooked up a shrieking rubber goblin to the bathroom seat within the teachers' toilet. Mrs. Rubin screamed so loudly her wig flew off! Or the time he placed sizeable motorized worms into the mashed potatoes within the cafeteria. Or the time Desmond and his ally, Ricky, prepared for a three-headed ghost to crash his sister's shut eye occasion. Rachel nonetheless hasn't forgiven him.

And now Desmond has to stick prank-free for the remainder of the yr, or he won't be capable of cross at the category journey to Crab Shell Pier, domestic of the Mountain packed with Monsters journey! It's going to be tricky, yet Desmond has to try.

This booklet contains a component of "Desmond's Notes": directions for making monster magic (think frightening noises, or faux blood) at domestic!

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