DB2 for Z/OS and Os/390: Ready for Java by IBM Redbooks, Bart Steegmans

By IBM Redbooks, Bart Steegmans

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We are aware of some future enhancements to the products we used and list them for you in "Soon" on page 52. It is likely that some of them may arrive sooner or later than we think, but we want you to understand the implications. 1 Now At the time of writing this publication: • DB2 UDB V8 for Linux, Unix and Windows, FixPak 2 was available at the time we wrote this publication. It introduces the Type 2 Java Universal Driver. The Type 4 SQLJ and JDBC Driver of the Universal Driver family was introduced at DB2 for LUW V8 GA time.

Twelve of these procedures provide the ability to generate a result set that corresponds to the schema metadata APIs. An additional procedure introduced by this APAR formats SQLCODE message text, given input fields from a DB2-generated SQLCA. SQLCAMESSAGE • PQ72453 Part 2: Prerequisites and setup 57 58 Part 2: Prerequisites and setup This APAR resolves some errors in the initial implementation of the metadata catalog queries delivered through APAR PQ62695. Note You also need to have this support when using the Universal Driver running on a Windows or AIX platform, and you are connecting to the mainframe.

JDBC drivers and driver types for use with DB2 z/OS and OS/390 There are a number of different JDBC drivers available for DB2 on the z/OS and OS/390 platform, and some great new ones just around the corner, each having different characteristics and levels of cross platform compatibility. Table 3-1 gives an overview. Table 3-1. 2 The IBM DB2 Universal Driver for SQLJ and JDBC As mentioned before, IBM has released a brand-new JDBC driver with DB2 UDB Version 8 for Linux, Unix and Windows called the IBM DB2 Universal Driver for SQLJ and JDBC (also known as the DB2 Universal Driver, or the DB2 Universal Driver for Java Common Connectivity, or JCC).

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