Dave Stewart's Walk-In, Graphic Novel Volume 1 by Jeff Parker

By Jeff Parker

Reated through acclaimed musician Dave Stewart (Eurythmics). Written via Jeff Parker with art by means of Ashish Padlekar.

Do you event lacking time? expect strangers' desires? Do twins appear to persist with you anywhere you cross? And do you usually see cephalopods connected to people with no their wisdom? Don't fear, you're unlikely mad... but. You're easily a Walk-In. Ian Dormouse is wasting time - actually. He wakes up in towns the world over, and has no recollection of the way he acquired there or what happened within the previous weeks and months. Awaking from this type of blackouts, Ian unearths himself in Moscow and stumbles into the burlesque membership Deja Vu, bluffing his manner right into a activity as a dream interpreter. It wasn't all bull, Ian truly does have visions - octopuses on people's shoulders, auras emanating round strangers, to call a couple of. Ian doesn't understand it but, yet he has a few loopy psychological skills and it's approximately to make existence plenty weirder...

"Whatever else could be acknowledged approximately it, Dave Stewart, Jeff Parker and Ashish Padlekar have produced a ebook which could emphatically be claimed hence: one rattling nice comic.... Walk-In was once the easiest rattling debut and the simplest rattling inaugural factor to a comic book I'd learn in years. I'm serious about this ebook. if you happen to learn it, I make sure that you can be too." - damaged Frontier

"Damn. this can be GOOD." - Silver Bullet Comics

"It should still make for a really fascinating comedian. seize this one and sustain. (Review: A-)" - Paperback Reader

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