County Road 13 by Robert J. Baker

By Robert J. Baker

Stories instructed by means of a professional tale teller of this lifestyles at the highway of existence,

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It was the one that brought in the shekels, the prestige. Will I become a nonentity? Do I need to rediscover who I actually am? I will be drawing a new variety of checks. One from Social Security, another from the Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fundfor doing not one lick of work. To an accused workaholic, that sounds like treason. It seems strange (to say the least), shameful (at the most). In spite of those who say, "You deserve it," or "You have suffered enough," or "Everyone else does it,'' I wonder.

The tissues were patted back into place and sutured. An oversized Band-Aid was slapped on. Then I went back to my wife, to whom the surgeon gave instructions. Evidently he did not trust me. At home I was waited on hand and foot. Everything was lovely until about noon. By then the anesthetic had worn off, and I began to feel the pain. A generic painkiller, my only solace, helped alleviate the sharpness of the pain when I sat or lay still. Nothing helped if I bent, which I had to do to sit down or stand up.

After all, I am not yet extinct. The old adage, "There's no fool like an old fool," applies to romancing, not thinking. While teaching, I was asked to help handle the United Way campaign at our school. " His comment drew several snickers. I like to think the Lord, not my sharp tongue, gave me the ready answer. " The laughs outdrew the snickers. I do believe in turning the other cheek. But on occasion, a sharp retort is needed to help my brother sublimate his sneer into something more sublime.

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