Concise Encyclopedia of Robotics by Stan Gibilisco

By Stan Gibilisco

Convenient number of easy, to the purpose definitions is precisely what robotics and synthetic intelligence hobbyists have to get and stay awake to hurry, with all new phrases that experience lately emerged in robotics and synthetic intelligence.

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Most teleoperated systems must compromise realism in order to keep within limitations imposed by available bandwidth and allowable expense. In a typical telepresence system, the cameras usually lack peripheral vision. Signal propagation delays can cause latency problems (time lag between command and response), particularly when teleoperation is done over long distances. Image resolution (detail) and refresh rate (the number of video frames per second) are generally compromised. Audio systems are generally better than video systems because the necessary bandwidths are smaller, but tactile sensation is poor or absent.

Most mobile robots are programmed to avoid obstacles and hazards, maintaining a minimum distance of, say, 1 m. Thus, if there are numerous robots in a given environment and they all have ignorant coexistence, they tend to stay away from each other. If the robot “population density” is moderate to high, the machines tend to be more or less evenly spaced in the work environment at all times.  Cognitive Fatigue In informed coexistence, mobile robots can differentiate between obstructions or hazards and other robots.

However, they do not operate fast, and they can function only with objects within a rather narrow range of physical sizes. See also ROBOT GRIPPER. BONGARD PROBLEM The Bongard problem, named after its inventor, is a method of evaluating how well a robotic vision system can differentiate among patterns. Solving such problems requires a certain level of artificial intelligence (AI). An example of a Bongard problem is shown in the illustration. There are two groups of six boxes. The contents of the boxes on the left all have something in common; those on the right have the same characteristic in common, but to a different degree, or in a different way.

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