Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures, Second Edition by A. Baker, S. Dutton, D. Kelly

By A. Baker, S. Dutton, D. Kelly

Delivering an advent to the know-how of composite fabrics as utilized in aeronautical layout and constitution, this article discusses changes among composites and metals, structural layout strategies and in-service functionality of these fabrics.

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These matters, and other simplifying approaches, such as the Halpin-Tsai equations, are discussed more fully in Ref. 5. 4 Expansion Constants c~1 and OZ2 The coefficients of thermal expansion o~1 and a2 for the unidirectional ply are required, for example, in the thermomechanical analysis of multidirectional laminates. The actual values of the two constants derive from the expansion coefficients of the fibers a f and matrix am, and their orientation. _ J )( )-d)-E ) Fig. 6 O J SIMPLIFIED REPRESENTATIVE VOLUME ELEMENT REPRESENTATIVE VOLUME ELEMENT Typical models of composites for exact elasticity solutions.

This is a topic of considerable research interest because this composite has the best structural capability of any material at the highest operation temperatures when compared on a specific strength, creep-resistance, or stiffness basis. Some oxidation barriers include silicon carbide or silicon nitride coatings, which provide an oxidation-resistant outer layer over an inner glass layer; the glass can flow into cracks to seal the coating against oxygen penetration. This approach is called self-healing.

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