Clement of Alexandria: The Exhortation to the Greeks. The by Clement of Alexandria, G. W. Butterworth

By Clement of Alexandria, G. W. Butterworth

Clement of Alexandria, recognized Father of the Church, is understood mainly from his personal works. He was once born, possibly at Athens, approximately a hundred and fifty CE, son of non-Christian mom and dad; he switched over to Christianity most likely in early manhood. He turned a presbyter within the Church at Alexandria and there succeeded Pantaenus within the catechetical university; his scholars incorporated Origen and Bishop Alexander. He could have left Alexandria in 202, used to be identified at Antioch, was once alive in 211, and was once useless ahead of 220. This quantity includes Clement's Exhortation to the Greeks to renounce gods for God and Christ; "Who Is the guy who's Saved?" (an exposition of Mark 10:17–31, about the wealthy man's salvation); and an exhortation To the Newly Baptized. Clement was once an eclectic thinker of a neo-Platonic style who later stumbled on a brand new philosophy in Christianity, and studied not just the Bible however the ideals of Christian heretics.

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Psammetichus, king of Egypt, being desirous of discovering which was the most ancient people, put two children in charge of a herdsman. 14 6 St. EXHORTATION TO THE GREEKS and CHAP. breathing instrument, after His own image assuredly He Himself is an all -harmonious instrument of God, melodious and holy, the wisdom that is above this world, the heavenly Word. What then is the purpose of this instrument, the The word's ni Word of God, the Lord, and the New Song ? S toward men of the ears the of the to the blind, unstop open eyes deaf, and to lead the halt and erring into the way of ; */ righteousness to reveal God to foolish men, to make an end of corruption, to vanquish death, to reconcile The instrument of disobedient sons to the Father.

Persephone. " The hierophant EXHORTATION TO THE GREEKS seeds which fall to the ground, being of opinion that CHAP. pomegranates spring from the drops of Dionysus' The Corybantes are also called by the name The rite blood. Cabeiri, which proclaims the rite of the Cabeiri. cabehi For this very pair of fratricides got possession of the chest in which the virilia of Dionysus were deposited, and brought it to Tuscany, traders in glorious wares There they sojourned, being exiles, and communicated their precious teaching of piety, the virilia and the For this chest, to Tuscans for purposes of worship.

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