Ciba Foundation Symposium 198 - P2 Purinoceptors: by CIBA Foundation Symposium

By CIBA Foundation Symposium

Many various pathological stipulations are presently lower than research as healing ambitions of purines together with melanoma, cardiovascular stipulations, behavioural issues, irritation, immunoregulation, and neuroendocrine functionality. This e-book attracts jointly examine on all points of P2 purinoceptors and discusses their use in several healing parts.


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J Comp Physiol 130:325-330 Collo G, North RA, Kawashima E et a1 1996 Cloning of P2X, and P2X, receptors, and the distribution and properties of an extended family of ATP-gated ion channels. J Neurosci, in press Communi D, Pirotton S, Parmentier M, Boeynaems J-M 1995 Cloning and functional expression of a human uridine nucleotide receptor. J Biol Chem 270:30849-30852 Connolly G P 1995 Differentiation by pyridoxal 5-phosphate, PPADS and isoPPADS between responses mediated by UTP and those evoked by cr,fl-methylene-ATPon rat sympathetic ganglia.

Nature 371:516-519 Van Belle H 1995 Adenosine uptake blockers for cardioprotection. In: Belardinelli L, Pelleg A (eds) Adenosine and adenine nucleotides: from molecular biology to integrative physiology. Kluwer Acad, Norwell, MA, p 373-378 van Rhee AM, Van der Heijed MPA, Beukers MW, IJzerman AP, Soudijn W, Nickel P 1994 A novel competitive antagonist for P2 purinoceptors. Eur J Pharmacol 268:l-7 Venter JC, Di Porzio U, Robinson DA et al 1988 Evolution of neurotransmitter receptor systems. Prog Neurobiol 30: 105-169 Vidal M, Hicks PE, Langer SZ 1986 Differential effects of a,P-methylene ATP on responses to nerve stimulation in SHR and WKY tail arteries.

In some structure-activity relationships that’s true, but not in all. The definitive classification experiments should be done, taking into account desensitization and the ionic species. We may have recognized and got rid of ectoATPases as a problem, although we have to admit that the compound we’re using to block ectoATPases really isn’t potent enough to exclude their influence completely. Nevertheless, we’re making some headway there. Now we have to take on the issue of ionic species and receptor desensitization when we are quoting potency orders-that’s another necessary level of refinement in functional studies.

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