Chronicles of Lucifer Jones Vol 1 1922-1926 Adventures by Mike Resnick

By Mike Resnick

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You know, I think about Herbie and some of the others I met, and I'd have to say that even without the animals—and I never did see all that many of them anyway, except for the time I was an ivory poacher—Africa was a pretty interesting place to be back then. I had my flock and my tabernacle, and of course there was Herbie, who came smack-dab between my little business excursions into opium and brothels, and there were Long Schmidt and Short Schmidt, a pair of brothers who became gods, and there was Capturin’ Clyde Calhoun and a batch of others.

Finally the leader walked over to us and sat himself down, cross-legged. ” “Rourke,” said Burley, tapping himself on the chest. ” Kitunga solemnly extended his hand, kind of upside down, and shook each of ours. ” asked Rourke. ” said Kitunga, and laughed. “No. No. ” said Rourke. "Chumbi-chumbi," said Kitunga. “Sounds like some kind of ritual,” said Rourke. ” Kitunga flashed every tooth in his head. “Make babies,” he said. He shook our hands again, spat in the fire, and began walking away. ” I said, jumping up.

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