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This is the first time it has hosted the Olympic Games. On this occasion, it will display its sporting culture and traditions. A long sporting tradition The Chinese people have invented and adopted a wide variety of sports and games. Some are linked to warfare, others to therapeutic practices promoting harmony between body and mind. 3 billion inhabitants divided into 56 ethnic groups. Most belong to the Han ethnic group. MAP of China with photos of some ethnical minorities Traditional women’s COSTUME of the Naxi ethnic group (Yunnan province) Original Maoist propaganda POSTER 11 A changing society China’s history is several thousand years old: 24 dynasties succeeded one another until 1911.

The flame must never go out! a) The route Follow the route taken by the flame through some of the cities that will host the relay of the Beijing Olympic Games. Write down the name of the country in which each city is located. 3 4 5 2 1 8 9 10 12 13 7 6 11 1 Olympia – Country: 9 Mumbai – Country: 2 Beijing – Country: 10 Bangkok – Country: 3 Saint Petersburg - Country: 11 Canberra – Country: 4 Paris – Country: 12 Nagano – Country: 5 San Francisco – Country: 13 … and more than 110 towns in China! 6 Buenos Aires – Country: 7 Dar es Salaam – Country: 8 Islamabad – Country: 45 Pupil worksheets (ages 8-12) > Sheet 3 The icons of the Games, between tradition and modernity b) The torch Here is the Beijing torch.

Their lifetime is much longer: preparations last seven years and their impact on the environment, host city, economy and population is felt for decades. Discussion • In groups, imagine that you are organising a birthday party or school fete. ).. • Using your list, think about the consequences of your decisions in terms of cost, human resources and the environment. • Compare and discuss your results with the other groups. My list Consequences 57 Pupil worksheets (ages 12-16) My list 58 > Sheet 1 Consequences Pupil worksheets (ages 12-16) Sheet 2 > The impact of the Beijing Games : Photo analysis The Olympic Games tend to speed up change.

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